Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister!
I love you!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Heaven, open up and let me reach you.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

mixed emotions

Haven't been able to post on this blog for quite some time now. Things have been rather crazy.

I have always said that in times of trouble or confusion, "things shall pass". Let nature take its course. Honestly, I am waiting for it all to pass so I can breathe again.

Things happen for a reason but I have mixed emotions on why I have to experience this.

I am still lucky. I am thankful to the people who have stayed behind to help me through. I am very grateful with all my heart.

Friday, December 30, 2005

my barber

Exactly two years ago, I decided to make have my hair cut really short. During my younger years, I visited salons to have my hair styled. This all changed when I visited a barber shop in Shangri-la back in December 30, 2003.

At first, I was very hesitant to ask the barber to shave it all off for I wasn't sure if my head was shaped for that kind of hairstyle. It was also exactly two years ago when I met Mang Tony. He is a veteran barber and he had the passion for what he did and he really did a great job for each and every one of his clients.

He asked me twice before shaving my hair. He told me that it's adios when he starts shaving and there will be no turning back. During the first few minutes of my haircut, I didn't look at myself on the mirror because I might not like what I was going to see. I was surprised after a few minutes that the shaved head look suited me. For short, I liked it.

After that day, I visited Mang Tony regularly. And when Mang Tony was absent or was on his day off, he asked one of his trusted barber-friends to take care of me. His name is Mang Efren. I was always at ease when either of the two would shave my head for they really do it very well plus there is a free "kwentong barbero"(barbers tales) everytime I was there.

It has been more than a month since I had my hair cut and I was getting a bit irritated already so I called Bruno's Barbers where Mang Tony worked so I can schedule an appointment with him. By the way, Mang Tony is always in demand.

When the receptionist answered the phone, I immediately asked if Mang Tony was around so I can tell him that I will be dropping by. To my surprise, the woman on the other line told me that Mang Tony resigned a month ago. I then realized that it has been that long since my last visit to Bruno's. So since Mang Tony wasn't around, I instead went to Barber's Bar which was also located in Shangri-la. This is where Mang Efren(Mang Tony's friend) worked.

When I arrived at the barber shop, I immediately saw Mang Efren with a client so I just read the newspaper to wait until he was finished.

Time came when it was my turn to have my hair cut. As I was about to ask him if he knew that Mang Tony already resigned, he asked me if I was aware of what had happened. I told him that I heard that Mang Tony has resigned but didn't know the story behind it.

He told me the whole story. He began by telling me that it was the doctor's advice for Mang Tony to rest because of his health. I told Mang Efren that I was able to notice that Mang Tony had lost a lot of weight over the past few months. He then told me that it was because of Mang Tony's habit--smoking. He then continued to tell me that Mang Tony has lung cancer. I was speechless. He went on with the details of the story.

After a moment of silence, I asked Mang Efren if he knew how much cigarette Mang Tony consumed in a day. He told me that it was around 3 packs a day. Smoking was definitely the culprit here.

It was then that I realized that in my silence, I was almost teary eyed.

Mang Tony is not just a great barber but he is a great person. His clients will definitely miss him.

It will be 2006 soon and if I could make one wish now, it would be for Mang Tony to regain back his health and survive this trial that has come his way.

One thing is for sure, Mang Tony will be in my prayers.

May the universe bless him and his family this coming new year.

A Blessed New Year to all of you. May this story make us not to take things or people for granted. Let us all be thankful for all of the blessings we have received in the year 2005 and pray that 2006 will be as good or even better.

Blessed be.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I have been addicted to this virtual pet site for almost two years now and it get's better everytime I visit.

If you are interested, you may click the link below to join in. Be warned though, it is addictive if you are competitive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Pirena finally finds out what had truly happened. The lies, deceit, and her lost years.

I love Gurna... hmmmm... ok, I admit, I love Girlie because she looks so lovable. I was also petrified when I saw that she was buried in stone. Wish I had a screencap of that scene. My mind was filled with questions on why Pirena had to petrify her instead of just outright killing her. Does it mean that since her body is in the stone she will not be lead to Devas or Balaak? Is there a chance that she can still survive this? Is Gurna dead, for real?

One thing's for sure, I'm gonna miss her. Gurna is a character that you will surely love to hate.

Kudos to Girlie for playing this role very, very efficiently! :-D

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Saw this on Momar's blog. Hmmmm... Special mention of my name because he knows how much I adore Iza!

If you are interested on what he said, check this out. It's at the bottom part of the piece.

sparkle, sparkle

She's so pretty!!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


I have been so irritated for the past days because of one retard who thinks that he is a God. Uhm, wait, maybe I should refer to this person as an "it". After all, it deserves being called an it.

"It" should wish that the day when I come face to face with it's retarded physical self should never come. Otherwise, that day will be something that it will never forget.

I dare you to be normal! Otherwise, I will bring you to the National Center for Mental Health. I dare you to change for if you do not, I swear, you will wish that you treated people around you better.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Friday, September 30, 2005


After more than 100 episodes, Encantadia still has it's powers to mesmerize televiewers here in the Philippines and abroad.

The show gets more interesting as it unveils new twists and sub-plots.

Lately, the truth about the legendary weapon--the Kabilan has been unveiled. A new world called Etheria has been brought up as the true source of this powerful weapon.

Alena is once again reunited with Amihan and Danaya after the death of Kahlil.

Gurna's past was revealed. :-) I like her.

The tragic past of Cassiopea was also unveiled. The death of her parents was due to the Kabilan. I believe that there's more to be revealed within the coming weeks.

And last but definitely not the least, Amihan dies(?) in the surprise attack by Asval in Sapphiro.

Now is not the time to miss an episode. If you have a VCR, make it work for you. Have the episodes recorded!

Congratulations to the whole Encantadia team and GMA 7.

Special mention to the woman behind the story--Ms. Suzette Doctolero.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I have around 90 gmail invites to give. If you are interested, send me a message at so I can send you invites. Please include a short introduction of who you are. I think it's only proper to do so.

Monday, September 12, 2005


This post is to confirm that I am still an Encantadia addict. I never missed recording an episode since I started.

I read somewhere that there will be a Book 2 for the show due to it's great achievement. I am sure that this will be something to look forward to since it never failed in terms of its' continuous high ratings.

Recently, Alena's character has been grieving due to the death of his son(Khalil). It is interesting to watch since it shows how a person grieves over the loss of someone you love.

Pirena has been thrown out of her kingdom. Lira has a mission given by Queen Mine'a.

It's all happening in GMA-7's Encantadia.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


So much has happened in Encantadia since the last time I posted here. Congratulations to the whole team. I love it more and more. With less than 40 episodes to go, I am definitely going to watch this til the very end.

No wonder they never falter in terms of ratings.

Once again, Congratulations to GMA-7 for coming up with this show!

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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Attached is an e-mail message from a friend. I found it interesting to read so I am posting it. Please be warned that the e-mail contains material not suitable for minors. Find below my reply to the e-mail message.

Dear Albert,

I have a confession to make.

It all began when I tempted fate on a Saturday night. All my friends were not available to go out with me so I went to Sin City alone.

I was so nervous when I got out of my house. I knew there was no turning back. While I was waiting for a cab, there were so many things going on inside my head. I was thinking of alternative venues to enjoy this Saturday night but I kept coming back to Sin City and all its glory. So…. Sin City it is.

Upon my arrival, I noticed that there were so many people at Sin City. I guess I noticed everything since I went there alone.

I was tempted to go to the “Alchemy Lounge” but I remembered a promise that I made to my friends that we will visit that place together. So instead of experimenting, I proceeded to the “Sanctuary” instead. I mustered strength not to wander off because I always felt scared to enter the “Sanctuary” alone. Instead of a smooth transition, a group of young guys were in front of me so I had to wait. To make matters worse, they ran out of drink coupons so I had to wait for a very long five minutes. For your info, five minutes waiting in front of the “Sanctuary” feels like a lifetime.

Time-check courtesy of “Timberlake wannabe” tells me that I went in at exactly 12:55am. I was so relieved to see a familiar face when I went to the bar. John a.k.a. Shakey’s waved called my attention as soon as I got my drinks. He told me that he just arrived too. When he asked me if I was alone, I lied. I told him that my friends would be arriving in about an hour. Just in case you are wondering why I had to lie about being alone, the “Sanctuary” is not a very good place when you are alone, at least for me.

Anyways, Shakey’s asked me to go to the dance area at the second floor. When we arrived at the second floor, I picked a spot where I could be seated(this is what I usually do). I usually observe people during my first hour in the “Sanctuary”. I guess I was lucky that I wasn’t officially alone. Comparing this to the last two times I went there, I could safely say that there were so many people during that night.

I immediately spotted someone I was interested in. But before I could act on my desires, Shakey’s told me that my crush was done for the night. I was surprised because it was only around 2am during that time. Shakey’s would leave me once in a while to either go to the comfort room, the bar, or the “backroom”. This gave me the opportunity to look at the people around.

When I got my 4th drink for the night(inclusive of the yucky complimentary drink), it was already around 2:30am. I told Shakey’s that I needed to go to the comfort room to pee. This is where my story begins….

As I went to the comfort room(my 4th drink still cold in my hands), I noticed a cute couple standing just outside the backroom. I can say cute because they were facing the street side where the light was very strong. This was aside from the fact that a lot of the other people were checking them out.

As I went to the cubicle, I felt that someone was at my back. At first, I didn’t look at my back. Instead, I continued to pee until I heard a voice that said “hi there”. When I looked at the direction of the voice, I was surprised to see the couple at my back. As I was about to come out of the cubicle, one of them blocked the main entrance to the comfort room while the other caressed my back. I smiled at first then it became more interesting when the other one started kissing my neck. Thanks to my Hugo Boss Dark Blue®, I felt confident that I didn’t stink. After a few minutes, I noticed that a group was already watching us. The couple asked me if I wanted to go to the “backroom”, I didn’t answer at first thinking that it was surreal. After being asked a second time, I obliged. Who in his right mind would say no to a couple who is not only cute but sexy too.

As soon as we got in, the couple didn’t waste any time and started what their hearts desired. I am not really new to having a threesome but it was only the second time for me to French kiss two people at the same time, it was “hot”. The other one raised my shirt to lick and suck my nipples while the other one unbuttoned my pants. While this was happening, I noticed that much of the attention of the people was on the three of us. I felt a warm, tingling sensation on my d**k. I knew that the one doing it was the one who unbuttoned my pants because the other person was busy licking and sucking my nipples or so it seemed. I thought it was weird when I felt that while someone was busy with my nipples and the other was sucking my d**k, I felt that there was another tongue licking my b**ls. Aside from this, I counted how many hands were on me and it totaled to seven! Not to mention that the cover of the back room was opening since I could see partial light coming in. I kept calm and verified how many people were participating in our so-called “threesome”. After counting, there were three people using their tongues and four people were using their hands. So, I decided to make my hand(my other hand was holding a bottle) enjoy the moment too.

This crazy and HOT group activity was finished after more than 30minutes. The three original players, including me, went outside the “backroom” so we could talk a bit. I saw Shakey’s smiling at me. He asked me what happened and before I could answer, the couple approached us and told me that they were already leaving. I didn’t need to answer Shakey’s anymore because he saw the couple smiling and saying that we should do it again soon.

Shakey’s asked me to go with him to the “backroom” so that we could watch the other people inside. This was the time when “Charles”(Jupiter’s encounter) whispered “I saw what happened to you a while ago! You are naughtier than me!”. Even if it was dark, I felt as if I blushed.

I heard my name inside the “backroom”, I thought that it was one of my friends surprising me but it was not. Since it was dark, I couldn’t identify who it was. Before I could ask him who he was, I felt someone’s hand on my crotch. I thought it was Charles’ friend fooling around so I told him, “I thought it was for real”. He answered, “Is this not for real?” I just smiled because Charles was nearby and Shakey’s was in front of me shocked on what was happening. I soon realized that it wasn’t Charles’ friend and that the experience was for real because Charles left and Shakey’s told me that he and his friend are leaving. Once again, I was left inside the “backroom” with a stranger with my unfinished drink. Again, no time was wasted. Before I could think on what to say, he was already down sucking my d**k. It was during this time when I decided to finish my 4th bottle. As usual, there were other players who joined us in what we were doing.

After that encounter, I decided to just sit down on the couch to rest and continue to watch the other people around me.

Not more than 30mintes later, someone was once again playing with my crotch. I wanted it to stop but I noticed that it was the person I was interested in. This is the person who according to Shakey’s, was done for the night. I once again let the libido take over. It was wild and rough. There were times when I felt that my nipples were being bitten. I also heard him whisper, “Why didn’t you come to me a while ago when I was looking at you?”. I answered honestly and told him that I was informed that he was already finished which was untrue according to him. This made me participate more. After we were done, I knew that my night was over and it was time for me to go, at least this is what I thought. I was informed that it was already 4:35am.

I decided to rest for a while outside the “backroom” this time so that I can escape the worldly things that happen inside. I lit a cig and as I was smoking, a shirtless guy approached me and talked to me. He asked me to come with him inside the backroom to watch. Since he was a major hottie(bald, shirtless, buff), I said yes. While inside, I felt as if I could compare everything that was happening inside to the last two minutes of a basketball game. Everyone was rushing to score.

Someone stopped in front of us(hottie and me), and put his hands over hottie’s crotch. He removed the hands. This happened several times until he said, “please stop it, can’t you see that I am with someone”. I was surprised and I felt as if I was a catch. When I asked him why he didn’t want to do it with the guy, he leaned over and told me that he was interested in someone else. I told him that the “Sanctuary” would be closing soon so he should ask the guy he is interested in and have fun with him while they still have the time. And so he did.

We went into the cubicle(the one with the door). He was really a hottie from head to foot. He was also a GREAT performer. This was the only time that I also “performed”.

Right after the experience with the hottie, I knew that the only thing for me to do was go outside while there was still a crowd inside the bar. Otherwise, I might end up having another experience that might dry me up for life.

I went to the direction of the “Alchemy Lounge” so that I can pass by a convenience store. As I was finishing my cig outside the store, two guys went out and said “hey there tiger”. I was stunned but was able to say “hello”. These were two very handsome guys who I cannot recall. As they walked away from me, I saw one of the guys look back and wink. Time check says that it’s 5:35am(according to the receipt from the convenience store).

Albert, does this night officially make me a man-whore?


Name Withheld


There were other events that I didn’t include to make the story shorter. All of them involved my hands and other people’s hands.

Dear Name Withheld,

Were you in Vegas? Just kidding.
Anyways, as long as you enjoyed and you were safe, I do not see anything wrong with what you did.



After receiving a few e-mail messages regarding the NeoBoard and some complexities involved, I decided to remove it instead of keeping it and giving some of the visitors a hard time leaving a message. I decided to keep the NeoCounter instead.

Speaking of e-mail messages, I will post one that I received from a friend. Watch out for it in a few minutes.

Friday, July 08, 2005


from karylle's website

Kabanata 49: Ang Nalalapit na Pagkikita summary from nythunter of PEx. Kindly notice that the title is different. I was able to record the episode and saw that this is the correct title.

Kabanata 49 is particularly great for those who weren't able to watch the first weeks. Nice flashback scenes. Tonight is another exciting night for Encantadiks!

Photo above is from Karylle's website.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I have gathered info from the Encantadiks Central at PEx and I am so happy that Monday's episode held 40.4% of the viewership. I believe that this is due to the fact that aside from the great cast, the great sets, the cool effects and fighting scenes, the writers are continuosly challenging themselves to make the viewers enjoy it to the max.

Well deserved ratings and congratulations to GMA 7!

Below are the Encantadia episode summaries for the past few days.

Kabanata 46: Di Sadyang Pagkikita

from nythunter of PEx

Kabanata 47: Ang Dalawang Tagapagmana

from nyhunter of PEx

Kabanata 48: Ang Nawawawalang Brilyante

from nyhunter of PEx

Monday, July 04, 2005


About two to three weeks ago, I got my copy of Aimee Mann Live at St. Ann's Warehouse DVD. I really, really love her. She really is a great artist. It's just a pity that it's rare for any of the music stores here to have any of her albums. Thanks to my sister, I have my own copy of the DVD.

The concert DVD has 16 songs and comes with a live CD with 13 songs. I totally enjoyed both. The DVD special feature section includes interviews and behind the scenes. I loved watching her in the interview. It gave me the opportunity to know Aimee Mann a little bit more.

Happy 4th of July!

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Today’s the fourth of july
Another june has gone by
And when they light up our town I just think
What a waste of gunpowder and sky
I’m certain that I am alone
In harbouring thoughts of our home
It’s one of my faults that I can’t quell my past
I ought to have gotten it gone

Oh, baby, I wonder -
If when you are older -
You’ll wake up
And say, ’my god, I should have told her -
What would it take?
But now here I am and the world’s gotten colder
And she’s got the river down which I sold her.’

So that’s today’s memory lane
With all the pathos and pain
Another chapter in a book where the chapters are endless
And they’re always the same
A verse, then a verse, and refrain

Oh, baby, I wonder -
If when you are older -
You’ll wake up
And say, ’my god, I should have told her -
What would it take?
But now here I am and the world’s gotten colder
And she’s got the river down which I sold her.’

Saturday, July 02, 2005


I have been visiting regularly and mildly patricipating in the discussions regarding Encantadia.

I have decided to post the links of the episode summaries instead of making my own since I am a bit biased. Most often than not, I do not write scenes wherein Anchonee appears. Therefore, if you are interested to read the summaries, please click on the links that will be provided for your enjoyment!

Kabanata 44: Ang Pagbabalik ng Tagapagmana

Episode Summary from PinoyEXchange as written by nythunter

Kabanata 45: Cassiopea(yay for the correct spelling!)

Episode Summary from PinoyEXchange as written by nythunter
Enjoy Encantadia!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pireyna(Queen Pirena)

The episodes are getting better at Encantadia.

Here is the outline of the important scenes in Kabanata 42(Ang Pagbagsak ni Amihan) and Kabanata 43(Ang Pagbabalik sa Encantadia). Enjoy!

1.) After being able to block Pirena's attack on Alena, Pirena leaves full of rage. Amihan asks Alena to forgive her. Alena tells Amihan to be thankful that she likes her better than Pirena.

2.) Fight continues between Ybrahim and Asval(Bobby Andrews). Asval tells Ybrahim to summon all his strength from the unfortunate events that has happened to him. Ybrahim wins by not falling for the same trickery used during a previous battle.

3.) Amihan asks Alena to flee Lireo and look for Ybrahim and reconcile with him. After telling Alena that she should follow her orders as a queen and not as a sister, Alena flees but before she leaves asks Amihan to promise that she will save herself, that she will not be harmed, and that she will be the one to welcome Alena upon her return.

4.) In Lireo, the barricades fall allowing Hathor troops to enter the last entry.

5.) Mila/Lira is given a chance to see Anthony in the mortal world before pursuing the path to Encantadia.

6.) Pirena enters with the Hathors and stops Adane(I hate this character soooo much!) from killing Imaw. Imaw tells Pirena that she is a curse to Lireo and the whole of Encantadia and that he will only bow down to the real queen--Amihan. Pirena angry at what was said, kicks Imaw. (poor Imaw)

7.) After being informed of what had happened to Aquil, Amihan asks Muros and his first officer to flee Lireo.

8.) --Drama and not so useful scene between Anthony and Mila here--(sorry, didn't really like it)

9.) Back in Lireo, with Amihan outnumbered, she battles the Hathor troops until she is defeated. While this scene is playing, a song is being sang on the background. (If I am not mistaken, this is the Hymn of Lireo or Anthem. Very nice scene here.)

Ang kapayapaan ay dadating din
kung ang ating buhay ay iaalay para sa Lireo
ang kamatayan ay hindi iindahin
pagkat ating kalayaa'y dadating
Lireo, tagapangalaga ng mga brilyante
armas ang ating buhay
tayo ang tagapagligtas
ng ating mundong pinagpala.

10.) Aquil is shown unconscious in the forest. Casiopea appears and looks at him.

11.) Pirena enters the throne room and announces that she now reigns over Lireo. Gurna puts the crown over Pirena's head while Amihan and the rest watch what happens.

12.) Asval brings Ybrahim to Sapphiro(?). Asval promises to tell him about the secrets after Ybrahim gets enough rest.

13.) Anchonee(Anthony eeeek!) asks Mila/Lira to come in. Blah blah blah. Mila/Lira feels that something is wrong with her true mother. Anchonee throws some selfish bulls*it but before he can pull Mila/Lira in the house.... Danaya hits her on the head with her arnis!!!! Yahooooo!!!!

14.) Alena looks for Ybrahim/Ybarro and sees blood on the ground.

15.) Mira aka fake Lira enters Lireo and looks for her mother. She sees Pirena and asks what happened and why she is wearing her mother's crown. Pirena tells her that Amihan's kingdom is no more and that she is now the new queen of Lireo. Mira asks where her mother is. Pirena confesses that she is Mira's real mother.(episode 42 ends here)

16.) Mira is in disbelief of what she just heard from Pirena. Mira leaves.

17.) Anchonee is left unconscious on the floor as Danaya and Mila/Lira leaves.

18.) Alena asks Muros on what happened to her sister Amihan. Muros answers that Amihan was left to face the Hathor troops. He continues by telling Alena that he doesn't know whether Amihan is still alive.

19.) Mira seeing Amihan being dragged unconscious gets angry and tries to attack Hagorn with a sword. Hagorn blocking Mira's attack tells her that he is not an enemy because they have the same blood. He continues by telling Mira that Pirena is her real mother.

20.) Pirena threatens Imaw and the rest of Lireo that if they don't accept her as their new queen, she will kill Amihan right before their very eyes. They kneel down to save Amihan's life. (I think Imaw has a hard time kneeling so he stays up.)

21.) In Avila, Bagwis explains to Mila/Lira that she should understand Danaya since she grew up in Lireo and has different beliefs. Bagwis continues by telling Mila that she will be able to understand Danaya in time.

22.) Alena asks Muros to accompany her back to Lireo. Muros tells her that Lireo is surrounded by Hathorian troops. Muros explains that he fears for the life of those who are trapped in Lireo if they fail. Alena still goes back to Lireo alone telling Muros that if she has to die just to save Amihan, she will.

23.) Dakila asks Danaya where she went. Danaya tells him that she went back to look for Muyak but to no avail. Dakila tells Danaya that the Mulawin will look for Muyak and that Danaya and Lira/Mila has to go back to Encantadia. The spirit of Avilan shows up telling them that they have to go to Avilan's grave.

24.) Pirena asks Imaw to heal Amihan.

25.) Bagwis accompanies Danaya and Mila/Lira to Avilan's grave. Danaya asks Bagwis for help in digging the grave. Bagwis tells Danaya that she is the one given the task of doing such. Bagwis gives out a crooked smile.

26.) Alena attacks a troop of Hathors outside the gates and escapes but promises to come back for Amihan.

27.) Hagorn appears before Pirena and tells her that he heard that Amihan is being healed. Pirena tells Hagorn that she needs the air gem and that is why she needs Amihan alive. Hagorn tells Pirena that the reason might be that she is not strong enough to kill her own sister. Pirena gets angry and tells them to leave her alone.

28.) After throwing rocks at Bagwis due to being irritated by the fact that she is digging alone, Danaya finds the medallion that will help them get back to Encantadia.

29.) Pirena cries after remembering her childhood and how their mother never wanted her to become queen. (this scene gave me goosebumps, I felt really sorry for Pirena for once)

30.) Amihan awakens and sees Mira at her side. Poor Mira had to hear from Amihan that she is not her mother.

31.) Danaya asks Bagwis why Avilan had the same medallion. Bagwis tells Danaya that they may find the answer upon their arrival at Encantadia.

Seems like Pirena and her friends will soon find out that Danaya is back with the savior of Encantadia! As always, I can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

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Monday, June 27, 2005


Outline of tonight's Encantadia episode(Kabanata 41).

1.) Hathor attacks Lireo. Amihan uses her powers to deflect the arrows made of fire. Aquil asks Amihan to seek cover inside. While inside, Amihan is shocked when one group of soldiers attack their own.

2.) Danaya discusses with Mila her future role in Lireo and that she must forget Anthony. (I am a bit confused because I thought that Danaya left to look for Muyak already)

3.) Pirena appears before Amihan and tells her that she(Pirena) was never on Amihan's side.

4.) Alena asks Imaw on what is happening and tells Alena that the war has started between them and that the Hathor is lead by Pirena.

5.) Amihan confirms that Pirena is behind the misplaced sangg'res. Pirena tells Amihan that she won't be able to see her real daughter since Hagorn killed the real Lira. Pirena also tells the truth about Mira being her daughter. Battle between the two sisters continue.

6.) In Hathoria, Gurna tells Mira that when the Hathor wins Amihan will be punished. She continues by saying "may kinikilala bang dugo ang kaaway?".

7.) With Amihan angrier than ever, she curses Pirena. "Isinusumpa ko na kailan man ay hindi ka magiging maligaya!"(I curse you that you will never ever be happy) and "Isinusumpa ko na kailan man ay hindi ka makakaranas ng katahimikan!"(I curse you that you will never ever have peace of mind). And as Amihan is about to kill Pirena, Alena shows up and stops Amihan.

8.) Ybrahim goes to Asval to find out the truth about his fathers' fallen kingdom. Battle starts between the two.

9.) Alena tells Amihan that she is on Pirena's side because of Amihan and Ybarro's betrayal. Pirena continues to poison Alena's mind.

10.) In Avila, Danaya feels that there is something wrong in Lireo. She feels helpless because she doesn't know of any way to go back to Encantadia.

11.) Alena continues to ask Amihan why they had to hide what happened between Amihan and Ybrahim. Amihan tells Alena that Pirena is behind it all(stealing her child). Alena decides to fight with the two since she doesn't know who is telling the truth. All this changes when Amihan kills a Hathor soldier behind Alena. Pirena enraged, tells that even if Amihan and Alena teams up, they will never conquer Lireo. The end of the episode shows Amihan blocking Pirena's attack on Alena.

Tonight's episode was great. Can't wait to watch what will happen tomorrow.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I would like to thank Matt(Zataod) of Everville, USA for including birth! from this blog.

Zataod posted this in his very interesting blog, 365 DREAMS. Hope your readers enjoy it.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


I loved tonight's episode of Encantadia.

Once again, an outline of what happened yesterday and tonight.

1.) Danaya meets Mercurio and is attacked by the Ravena guarding him. She's warned by Mercurio that if she is strangled by the Ravena, it will absorb her strength. Bagwis appears and kills the Ravena. Mercurio tells the prophecy that he can only be free when he has served his purpose of giving the cure to a mortally wounded sang'gre. He then leaves in aMercury-like fashion(in a flash!).

2.) Mila comes face to face with the fire-breathing dragon. She decides to fight so that she would be able to see her mother. She blocks the fire from the dragon by using her powers of the wind. After getting tired, she decides, if you can't beat 'em--befriend 'em. She starts to sing a song but instead defeats the dragon. I guess this is because of Alena's blessing to give her an enchanted voice just like hers.

3.) After being able to obtain the dagger(punyal ng sandugo) to prove that Mira is her real daughter, she asks Imaw how she could use it. Imaw then tells the myth that whatever cut the dagger does to the mother, it will also wound the daughter at the same place. She then readies herself and cuts herself on the palm. She asks for Mira's hand and sees no wound. She dismisses the myth as just that and asks Mira to rest. But once Mira leaves, she sees two faeries who are mother and daughter and asks forgiveness on what she is about to do. She inflicts a wound on the palm of the mother and sees that the daughter also bleeds at the same spot. Her fear is confirmed that Mira is not her daughter. (While this was all happening in Lireo, Dakila sees Mila's hands wounded in Avila just to show that she is the real daughter of Amihan.)

4.) Alena is brainwashed by Pirena feeding her lies about their queen sister Amihan. Alena confused, goes to Ybarro for answers. Pirena gets ready for the great war she is about to wage against her sister and her kingdom.

5.) While at the transition area, Avilan appears to Mila again. Mila is told by Avilan of his story that he is cursed by the first queen of Encantadia(Casiopea) to serve the queen and Encantadia. Casiopea is then shown in another scene telling herself that her gold is almost complete.

6.) With Amihan still thinking about what had just happened, confronts Mira and asks her who Mila is. This is interrupted by the appearance of Hagorn who tells Amihan that she should not waste her time in looking for Mila who lives in the world of the mortals because he already killed her. Hagorn also informs Amihan that Mila is the next queen of Encantadia, her daughter. He then brings out Imaw's staff and shows Amihan that he really killed Mila. Amihan then fights Hagorn. Hitano shoots an arrow towards Amihan but is blocked by Amihan summoning her powers of the wind.

7.) With Danaya and Bagwis back in Avila, they spread golden dust(?) from the box given by Mercurio to heal Mila. In the transition area, Avilan continues to tell Mila of his story but as he was about to tell Mila the name of the one who cursed Casiopea, she glows brightly and disappears then awakens at Avila surprised to see Mulawin creatures and Danaya.

8.) Alena asks Ybarro about the truth whether he is of royalty and if he is the real father of Lira.

9.) While Amihan battles Hagorn, Hitano once again tries to shoot Amihan with an arrow but this time Amihan does not only succeed in blocking the arrow but uses her powers of the wind to bring it back to the sender! (I loved this scene but I wish that it went through Hitano's heart instead of just his arm.) "Yan ang nababagay sa iyo traydor!" my favorite line from last night's episode.

10.) Ybarro confirms that he is indeed Ybrahim, the father of Lira and son of Sapphiro's fallen king. Alena shocked, asks why she was only informed of this now. Brainwashed and believing that Amihan and Ybrahim were keeping these secrets from her, she leaves and goes back to Lireo. Pirena continues to brainwash Alena by telling her that they together can bring Amihan down because she is a traitor.

11.) Amihan temporarily defeats Hagorn by the sword but that pesky Hitano aids Hagorn and survives. They are blown away when Amihan summons a very strong wind. Pesky, pesky Hitano. I will hate this show if it ends up with Hitano alive. I swear!

12.) Amihan looks at the heavens and asks Bathala where her realy daughter is. This happend simultaneously when Mila uses her powers to show her where her mother is. Mila sees Amihan and vice versa but this was cut short when Awoo(?) warns her of danger. This is the time when her royal guards tell her that the Hathor are getting ready to attack at the gates.

13.) Danaya leaves Avila so she could look for Muyak with Mila being left in Avila.

I know I skipped some scenes, I just wrote those of major importance. I can't wait on Monday when Pirena finally reveals that she is behind it all. I hope that that traitor soldier dies in Monday's episode. He has this ugly smile anyways.

I also caught the last part of Darna where Efren runs over or hits Valentina with his car. Very funny!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


First of all, I would like to apologize for the error on my post dated June 21 entitled "habagat". I assumed that Romnick Sarmienta was still playing Habagat(his role in Mulawin) on Encantadia. It turns out that the Mulawin spirit's name is "Avilan".

Everything is happening so fast. Once again, let me outline the highlights of the last two episodes.

1.) Mila(the real Lira) is mortally wounded since Hagorn wasn't able to get the earth gem from Danaya. Hagorn escapes as Danaya tries to heal Mila using the natural powers of the plants around her. Avilan is attacked by Agane which makes Avilan drop the gem in the waters below. Since Danaya doesn't have the gem, she cannot make Mila heal faster. The scene is aggravated when the enchanted butterflies come to get Mila and lead her to Devas.

2.) The mulawin spirit goes to Dakila and Bagwis warning them of what has happened. They come to the aid of Danaya so that they can bring Mila to their world(Avila?). Mila is still unconsicous.

3.) While the scene with Mila was happening, Amihan is informed of who was seen entering the portal to the world of the mortals and decides to go and see but Amihan faints when Hagorn pierces Mila. They have no choice but to bring Amihan back to Lireo.

4.) Amihan awakens with Mira(the Lira poser) and Alena at her side. Oh, Imaw was also in the room(I was so scared that his head might fall off. Alena tells Mira that she can make her mother happy if she sings a song for her. Alena makes mention of her special gift to Mira when she was still a child. Mira sings and Alena leavesand is confronted by Amihan because of her sudden departure. Alena confesses that she didn't feel Mira's voice in her heart making her doubt if Mira is the real Lira. Amihan starts to doubt since she also remembers in the past being asked by Danaya why Lira has the ability to create fire.

5.) Amihan asks for Imaw's help on determining the truth about her daughter. Imaw mentions the flower that appeared the day Lira was born. At first the flower was beautiful and in bloom but it suddenly dies. Imaw said that the flower dies when the one who owns it has passed away. Mira appears making Amihan more confused.

6.) Dakila informs Danaya that there is one way to give Mila a second chance. He makes mention of visiting Mercurio who can help but also warns that the path to Mercurio is very dangerous since he is guarded by a Ravena. Bagwis accompanies Danaya.

7.) With Amihan still confused and determined to know the truth, he asks Imaw if there is another way to confirm if Mira is the real Lira. Imaw tells Amihan of a magical dagger which determined the true mother of a fairy child.(long story behind this, just ask me if you wanna know the full details) Amihan is tested if she is rightful to claim the dagger. She passes and takes the dagger.

8.) Mila meets Anthony(Mark Herras) in some sort of transition area(before going to Devas) where he tells Anthony that she is not a mortal.

9.) Pirena tells Hagorn that they will attack Lireo soon. The Hathor prepares for the attack. Pirena gives Hagorn Imaw's staff after it is used to confirm whether Alena really blessed Lira with an enchanted voice when she was still in Amihan's womb. She told Hagorn that it might be of use in the future.

10.) Avilan appears before Mila and tells her about her mother, Amihan. Mila asks Avilan if she can see her mother before she goes to Devas. Avilan tells Mila that she has to defeat a dragonic creature in order to see her mother.

11.) Bagwis and Danaya goes on separate directions. Danaya sees and talks to Mercurio who locked in a prison of some sorts and is warned about the Ravena that guards him.

Very interesting! Again, I can't wait for tomorrow's episode. Sorry for the errors, I am sleepy but wanted to write.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I was simply at awe watching Encantadia last Friday and Monday night.

Last Friday, as Amihan was reading about the past rulers of Encantadia, she came across the name of the first queen of Encantadia. She was curious as to why she just disappeared according the records. Imaw said that the first queen of Encantadia disappeared right after it was divided into four kingdoms. I remember Imaw saying: "Yan ang kwento ng unang reyna ng Encantadia... si Casiopea(Cindy Corletto)!"(that is the story of the first queen of Encantadia... Casiopea). Right after this scene, Casiopea was shown with the treasure chest filled with gold(courtesy of Pirena from Thursday's episode). The thing that made it interesting was when Casiopea mentioned that she needs a little more gold and it will be complete. What was she referring to? I am sure that we will find out soon!

The Hathor attacked the camp of the Mandirigma and killed Apitong(John Regala). This of course got Ybarro angry. Amihan received this news and quickly went to the Mandirigma camp.

Last night's episode was fast-paced. I'll just outline the most important ones:

1.) Amihan ordered an attack to the Hathor camp because of Apitong's death. Pirena tries to brainwash some of the soldiers telling them that Amihan is a weak queen.

2.) Hagorn and Agane attacks Mila. They encounter Danaya and fights with her but gets Mila. Hagorn sets a trap for Danaya threatening her that if she doesn't surrender the jewel of Earth, he will kill Mila.

3.) As Danaya is about to surrender the jewel, the Mulawin spirit grabs it from her hand so that it will not go to Hagorn. The Mulawin who appeared was... Habagat(Romnick Sarmienta).

(I hope I did not forget anything)

I am so excited for tonight's episode because they showed a teaser where Dakila(Eddie Gutierrez) and Bagwis(Zoren Legaspi) was speaking to one another about Encantadia!

GMA7's got me hooked on this one.... BIG TIME!

Image hosted by
Photo (c) of GMA7

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Tonight's episode of Encantadia showed all sorts of revelations.

Firstly, Mila is confronted by Muyak and Danaya to tell her that she is part of Lireo and is a fairy(diwata). She of course thought that she was just hallucinating and walks away from the two who revealed this.

Secondly, Mira aka fake Lira is brainwashed by Pirena(her real mother) that Mila is part of a fairy clan with a curse and this will prevent Mira from being queen of Encantadia. Matters were made worse when Pirena bribed Casiopea into telling Mira that Mila was truly a part of the fairies who brought a curse to Encantadia in the past.

Third and last revelation came when Amihan asked Mira why she seems bothered. Mira tells her the story about Mila. When the name Mila was mentioned, Amihan felt something weird(perhaps her connection to Mila). This continued when Amihan mentioned Mila in her dreams. She told Imaw that she feels something is wrong with Mila and that she is afraid.

The show's last few minutes involved Mira telling Pirena that she will kill Mila herself but before she goes into the world of the mortals, she is seen by Alena but seems not to recognize her.


Let's now go to the not so exciting, I heard that GMA(the President) is going to be asked by congress to once and for all speak and clarify the issued evolving around what is nicked now as the Gloriagate Scandal(very original!). I can't believe that even Quiapo is now selling pirated cds of the wire-tapped conversation and it is also a ringtone. Life!

Another story that is starting to become annoying is Kris Aquino's relationship with the basketabll player. Why won't they just leave the two in peace? After all, if they intend to get married next year, so many things can still happen. I like Kris Aquino but this is getting tiresome already. Just let her be.
More soon! Not on Kris, hopefully.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


At around 6am this morning, I was watching the conference with the jury of the Michael Jackson trial on CNN. Frankly, I was expecting a not guilty decision. Uhm, need I say more?

Hanep! I loved the kick-ass scene between Mila(the real Lira) and Pirena(Sunshine Dizon) on tonight's episode of Encantadia. Go Mila!

Poor Danaya was once again shot by security guards and is now in the hospital but at least she met Muyak and knows that Mila is the real Lira. She's now more angry at Pirena and that makes me excited.

There was another sighting of the Mulawin spirit. Hmmmm, I smell more participation from them soon. That will definitely bring more color to the show.

I really like this show! More again soon!


I was watching the Correspondents a while ago. One of their segments was about the events that unfolded in the past two weeks. This included the "jueteng" scandal which involves the president's son and brother-in-law and the wire tapping scandal which also includes the "mother of all tapes"(LOL).

There was one part where I felt admiration for Susan Roces(FPJ's widow). For me, it was admirable that she didn't call upon the public to do anything against the current administration. As told by one of their[FPJ & Susan Roces] former employees, Susan Roces is a thinker. She doesn't act on mere impulse and would rather see through the facts before she acts. This, at least for me, is something admirable because she can put up a bigger flame if she chose to.

Separately, Encantada's episode tonight shows that Pirena now knows of Mila's(the true heir) existence. The episode ended with Pirena opening the portal leading to the world of the mortals. Needless to say, I'm excited on what will happen next.

Other updates on Encantadia:

1.) Danaya is still in the world of the mortals. Will she be able to meet Muyak? I hope soon!

2.) Alena visits the camp where Ibarro stays. She showed her powers in the middle of the forest when she used her lovely voice to kill some soldiers of the Hathor attacked her group.

3.) Amihan is filled with mixed emotions(mostly sadness) when she sees Alena and Ibarro kissing. I'm here Izza! Don't be sad! ;-)

More updates soon!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Tonight's episode of Encantadia was exciting, as usual.

After being challenged by Pirena, Amihan had not choice but to banish Danaya from Lireo rather than kill her. Of course, Pirena wanted her dead but being banished will do for now since Danaya knows how twisted she is. I was so sad for my favorite character because Amihan didn't believe that she was framed(by Pirena). Just in case you didn't know, Pirena morphed into Danaya's image and tried to kill Amihan.

Danaya wandered in the forest where she was greeted by a lawin from the "Mulawin". While Danaya was resting in the forest, she had an encounter with Casiopea. Introducing herself to Danaya and telling her that she can foresee the future, she asked Casiopea if she will be able to go back to Lireo. The fun part came when Casiopea told her that she will travel into another world where she will meet the savior of Encantadia. Casiopea also mentioned that Danaya will meet someone who was parted from Encantadia for so very long. Casiopea hinted that the real future queen is in that world. Danaya then becomes confused and tells Casiopea to leave.

Mira on the otherhand goes to the human world despite Hagorn's warning that he will kill Milagros(the real Lira). Mira commanded the portal or "lagusan" to teleport her to the man he loves which is Anthony. While Mira is transformed to where Anthony is, Danaya goes to the portal and commands that she is transported to the savior of Encantadia. Tonight's episode ends with Danaya transported to the garden where Milagros was doing her chores. They meet and somehow I feel as if they feel a unique bond with one another. Thursday night, I am sure they will talk.

Can't wait!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I am so excited! Last night's episode of Encantadia was really good. They unveiled the relevance of the Mulawin to the fairies of Encantadia. They showed a flashback scene on how the first war started in Encantadia. The big revelation was that Casiopea(Cindy Corletto) was once the queen! The elder said that the next time they see a Mulawin in Encantadia, it is only to warn of events that are about to happen and usually these are not events worth celebrating.

As usual, Pirena(Sunshine Dizon) is on her wicked ways. This time she attacks Amihan(Izza Calzado) in the form of Danaya(Diana Zubiri) while the real Danaya is hiding at the forest. Alena sees Ybrahim/Ybarro(Dingdong Dantes) upclose for the first time inside Amihan's room.

There was also a scene where Hagorn(Pen Medina) threatened Mira(Yasmien Kurdi) that if she returns to the mortal world, he would kill Milagros(Jennylyn Mercado).

Hmmmm.... am I still making sense? Anyways, the ending was cool. I want some more of Encantadia!

I saw some pictures of the characters on the net. These are all copyright of GMA of course!

Image hosted by
Izza Calzado as Amihan

Image hosted by
Sunshine Dizon as Pirena

Image hosted by
Karylle as Alena

Image hosted by
My fave Diana Zubiri as Danaya

Image hosted by
Yasmien Kurdi as Mira

Image hosted by
i'm intrigued by this pic

Anyways, I want to write more but my brain won't permit me. Tonight is another night for me to watch Encantadia.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


The first time I heard her music was when I was still in La Salle Greenhills during my high school years and I have been a great fan ever since. I remember falling in love with "Invisible War".

I have also been fortunate to watch her three concerts in the Philippines.

The best experince I had was when I met her backstage and got a kiss on the cheeks!

Yeah, I am talking about one of the best singers in my book, Ms. Julia Fordham.

I was able to stumble upon some DVD's and one of the best buys was Julia Fordham's "That's Life" DVD which was recorded and fimled at the House of Blues last July 19 & 20 of 2004. I read somewhere that the DVD was released early this year.

Once again, I am captivated by Julia Fordham's voice. You should know how Julia's wit and charm mesmerizes you if you have watched her perform live.

I remember her having a hard time to sing "Girlfriend" during her first concert in the Philippines. She said that she can't sing this terribly sad song because she feels so happy due to the warmth of the audience.

One of the memorable moments was when she sang her original song "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways"(not NINA's original, FYI!). I remember her saying, "It's time!!!" to signal one of the audience that it's time for him to propose to his girlfriend who was also in the audience. "Did she say yes??? Oh she did!!!!" was the next thing she said when the girl said yes. Love Moves in Mysterious Ways was recorded for the film "The Butcher's Wife" with Demi Moore as the lead actress(trivia piece). The couple appeared again in the next concert a year or two later and gave her a bunch of flowers as a sign of gratitude. She mentioned in an interview that she had apprehensions about the proposal in the middle of the concert. She said "what if the girl said no?" the concert will continue in a very sad mood. Thankfully, she said yes.

I also remember her singing a filipino song with Gary V. during her third concert.

In "That's Live" DVD, she didn't sing "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" but included an original 1991 video of the song as a bonus feature.

I am so happy to see that she hasn't lost her magic and still looks the same(fountain of youth?) after all those years.

India Arie was a special guest who sang "Concrete Love" with her and Judith Owen performed with her when she sang "Happy Ever After".

Of course, the concert wouldn't be complete if she didn't sing "Loving You", a Minnie Riperton original which is one of Julia Fordham's favorite songs.

I wasn't aware that Joni Mitchell's husband works with Julia Fordham in her albums. She also mentioned in one of the interview's(bonus feature) on the DVD how Joni Mitchell has been one of her inspirations.

I really laughed out loud before she sang "Wake Up With You", one of my faves because she introduced the song as one of her "top 10 dance songs on Billboard" which was sent by her record company "to a bunch of young people who take ecstacy". Of course, she performed the orinigal version.

The last song she performed on the DVD Concert was "Manhattan Skyline" which is a personal favorite of mine.

For jazz lovers and certified Julia Fordham fans, this is a MUST buy.

Almond was glued and mesmerized watching the concert so I think you will be too. :-)

Image hosted by

I am very very much in like with you
I hope that it's enough 'cause it's all I can do
'Cause you treat my skin like porcelain,
Rare and special porcelain
Even though you know I know you know
That this is not the real thing...
Oh, isn't it enough what I'm giving to you, baby?
Oh, isn't it enough that your kisses drive me crazy?
Oh, isn't it enough, isn't it enough?
I read a book like you, it says for what it's worth
People only really get what they deserve
And I hear a voice cry out within
Relax, enjoy the porcelain
Treatment feels like liquid gold
A treasured hand for me to hold
Oh, isn't it enough what I'm giving to you, baby?
Oh, isn't it enough that your kisses drive me crazy?
Oh, isn't it enough, isn't it enough?
Porcelain, porcelain
You treat my skin like porcelain...
In the big, big scheme of things
Beyond the rare and special porcelain
Beyond the joy, joy and the dis-at-ease
Well there's a place for me...
Porcelain, porcelain....
Sometimes I think I should say I love you too
If words are free, why can't I spare the best for you?
'Cause you treat my skin like porcelain
Rare and special porcelain
Even though you know I know you know
I'm cracked from all of this living
Oh, isn't it enough what I'm giving to you, baby?
Oh, isn't it enough that your kisses drive me crazy?
Oh, isn't it enough that I'm checking for you, baby?
Oh, isn't it enough that your kisses drive me crazy?
Oh, isn't it enough, isn't it enough?
Isn't it enough?
Isn't it enough?

Thursday, May 26, 2005


More on Encantadia and a new reason for me to be hooked on primetime television.

I am so excited on the coming episodes of Encantadia. At last they have found poor Alena. I loved that scene when she was saved. Diana Zubiri has really got me wanting for more. And of course, Amihan(Izza Calzado) is so pretty that you would enjoy seeing her in every scene. Encantadia has definitely changed my weekdays. I always look forward to going home in the evenings. Thumbs up to GMA 7(sorry Mischa).

I was able to watch the pilot episode of Desperate Housewives on Studio 23 tonight. I was truly entertained. I know that we are very late and Studio 23 shows a GP version of the show but I enjoyed it nonetheless and will continue to watch it everytime I can.

Almond enjoys watching Encantadia but I had to send him to the room when I watched Desperate Housewives because he is too young for that. I promise to post Almond's picture in the future.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


This is probably one of the hardest stories for me to tell. Why? I think it is because of the circumstances surrounding it and the sensitivity of the issues within it.

It started out last Saturday night when I was asleep. As some of you know, I was out of Manila for the weekend. I had a very lucid dream. I dreamt that I was in a forest surrounded by the most beautiful trees and wild flowers. It was totally grool feeling the cool and truly fresh air.

As I was walking through the forest, I met someone who accompanied me and showed me around the forest. I was shown how beautiful this place was. I think I have been there so many times and yet I never saw it through someone who really lived in it.

While I was enjoying the tour around the forest, I was introduced to the others who lived there. They were so nice. I loved the food that they served there. I ate so much and yet it didn’t make my stomach ache. It was so hard for me to think that I was going to leave this place soon because this was not my real world, at least not yet. I somehow felt that I truly belong in this place but it was not the right time to live with them yet.

In such a short time I made new friends and they all have become a part of me. Everything that had life surrounding me was telling me in one way or another that I should stay in this beautiful place.

In the middle of all of this, I felt that the coolness of the temperature was slowly changing and turning into an unpleasant and stabbing heat. I knew that I was supposed to leave soon. After this, I had to maximize the time I had left. I wanted to try bathing in the waterfalls that I saw when I was walking around the forest. So, that is what I did.

As I was swimming around, I felt someone was watching me from behind a tree. As I looked, I saw that it was the first person I had met when I got in the forest. Wearing an unexplainably and loving smile, I asked for this person to join me. Every minute was magical; the forest was humming what was like a hymn that everything was falling into place and that something majestic is supposed to happen. We kissed and held each other close, it was a silent goodbye for the both of us but somehow we knew that we would see each other again.

I closed my eyes as we held hands.

As I opened my eyes, I was alone or at least I thought I was. It seemed that there was no one else around me and I was no longer in the magnificent forest. I was back where I was hours ago… I was home.

I wanted to cry but I knew I shouldn’t because even if I wasn’t there anymore, I knew that they would always be in my heart forever.

As I continue to lie down on the bed, I heard a voice. It was still dark in the bedroom, I couldn’t see so well so I had to stand up and turn the light on. To my surprise, there he was not far from me, a baby. He was smiling at me and wanted me to carry him. I carried him and was so curious where he came from.

I was surprised when he called me "father". He was speaking through my mind because I never saw his lips move. He said that he was my child and was conceived when I was bathing in the waterfalls when I held hands with the one from the forest. He continued by telling me that the forest was magical and only true love could conceive or bear fruit. I couldn’t deny that I was in love, with the forest, the creatures, and the people I had met. I guess the baby was the reminder of all that. He said that I should never be worried for all will be put in its’ rightful place in the future.

I only had one question left in my mind, what should I name my baby who was going to play an important role in my life now. As I was thinking of a name, my baby said that he already had a name which was already assigned by the elders of the forest. So I asked him what his name was.

He said, “My name is Almond Lai Tsi”.

to be continued

Saturday, May 21, 2005


I have a confession to make. I am officially addicted to a local Fantasy Series(Fantaserye).

I love watching Encantadia and it's not because I was able to mingle with the stars but it is because I like their storyline and the simple twists and turns.

Their costumes are also nice and the special effects are quite good too. Now, my VCR has another purpose than just recording ATBG episodes. Now, I can record the episodes that I will be missing.

On a separate note, I am getting bored with watching "Darna". I find some of the characters very lame. I wish they would kill the "Wendell" something character. He's such a snoozeball. Of course, this is just my point of view. Darna might have a better storyline in the future.

I loved Friday's episode. Here is one line that got stuck in my mind:

"Kailan man ay hindi ka magiging reyna ng Encantadia!" by Casiopea.

Hehe. Cindy Corletto looks cute as an enchanted character but one of my favorite characters is the one played by Diana Zubiri.

I hope that GMA keeps it up for I am already addicted to this show. ;-)

Saturday, May 14, 2005


It's official! The heat and humidity is back after the rain that I thought was going to make me feel better.

Brrrrrr..... not!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


It's now 8:21pm and I am still at the office.

I have been wishing for rain for the past few days, and now, it looks like it's starting to rain. I remember telling the cab driver a few hours ago that the weather is nice but it wouldn't hurt for it to rain in the evenings so that we can all sleep better.

I am not a big fan of rain but durnig times like this, it is the one thing that everybody wishes for. Just a little rain to cool down our hot and humid nights. I'm going home in a while and I couldn't be happier.

All of it is because... it rained.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


There was this girl named Cady. I watched her so many times and I have come to a point of recognizing some similarities in our traits. I have learned so much from this young girl. There were instances more than a week ago wherein I almost lost my cool but managed to remember that Cady would have realized that it was not the right thing to do at that moment. I know that you reading this would be lost, so I'll give a few examples.

While I was waiting in line at the standby counter of the airport, a young man tried to break in so he could go ahead. I looked at him and immediately saw that he was a huge fashion victim. He was wearing a brown leather vest over his shirt which was somewhat summer themed. What made it worse was that he was wearing rubber shoes that really didn't match any of the things he wore. I am not quite sure but he looked odd with what he was wearing. Anyways, I started to make fun of him in my mind but quickly realized that making fun of this young man wouldn't stop him from getting ahead of me. I remembered Cady during this instance and had a change in my course of action and instead politely told him that there was a so-called system and continued by telling him that there are a lot of people waiting ahead of him. It apparently worked and he followed the system brought up by the airport.

I am also trying something new that I learned from Cady. I am trying not to talk behind other people's back. I haven't perfected it yet but I am getting there.

It is in these instances that I thank Cady for coming into my life. Thank you Cady! You are so fetch! Keep it grool! :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Last weekend, I was with friends. We went out to grab a breather.

Since I wanted to "drink socially", we decided to go to a bar we visited before. Manila can be a small world for yuppies who want to paint the town pink or orange(depends on your favorite color). Anyways, as I was on my way to get a refill of my favorite alcoholic drink, a guy smiled at me and asked me if I remembered him. He continued by saying that he met a friend of mine before and that we were introduced to each other. He smiled afterwards.

I don't know what got into me. "Oh yeah, I remember, you're the one with the horrible teeth." was the thing that immediately came out of my mouth. It came out like "word vomit". As I went back to my friends, I told them about what happened. I realized that I was lucky to be 6 feet tall. Otherwise, the guy could have punched me or slapped me. I swear, I could still see his face when the word vomit happened. I so wanted to take it back and say something like, "Oh yeah, I remember, you're the guy with the large d*ck but had horrible teeth", then things would have been better.

If you are curious about the guy's reaction, well, let's just say that he will never talk to me again no matter what happens.

In a related matter, I was able to chat with one of my "Ex's". Anyways, there was a point when I asked the worldly question: "If you were to describe me in one word, what word would that be?". The answer came in a few seconds and in all caps--"RUDE". Just a backgrounder, we were in a relationship for more than three years so this bothers me a lot.

I guess I can be rude to people without me knowing. I am not rude intentionally. I am just trying to be honest most of the times and this is what I get for being honest, an "Ex" calling me rude? Since when did the virtue of honesty become a pre-requisite for being rude or mean?

Kidding aside, I should be more careful next time or always have a friend beside me when I talk to people I really don't know that well so that I could be stopped from word vomit happening again.

Disclaimer: The author is not in anyway interjecting that he has perfect teeth. The author is also not suggesting in anyway that he is totally attractive.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Last weekend, as I was doing some inventory check, I stumbled upon old magazines left over by a friend(does that make it mine now?). I browsed through it quickly. I remembered us laughing when we were going through these magazines. Anyways, as I was browsing, there was one particular photo that I couldn't take my eyes off. It was a photo of a person who looked so familiar to me but I couldn't remember where I saw him. I was bothered because I had to remember where I saw him.

My brain was working overtime. I had to pinpoint the exact event where I have encountered this person. I am not a very outgoing person but my job dictates a lot of PR, ergo, I have met a lot of people during the span of my career. This gave me a headache. I concentrated on his face and thought hard.

It took me about two hours just to realize who this guy really was. I could not believe it, it was him! I have to show the photo to one of the people he also encountered so that I could confirm his identity. Are we all keeping secrets from our past that we would rather keep there?

I am not planning to ask him anything about these recent discoveries of mine, but I can't help but wonder and ponder. He seems happy and fulfilled with his current life, so why bother.

I still can't believe it though! If it took me two hours to remember who the person on the magazine was but it will take me very much longer than that to forget that it was a part of his past.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


At last, I was able to finish Season 3 of QAF and all I can say is it's getting better and better. I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of the 4th Season. I was so content with the ending of the 3rd season. I also learned to appreciate Brian in this season.

It is surprising for me to like QAF since I really did not like the 1st season that much. I think it would be safe to say that season 3 had more substance even if it only had 14 episodes.

B asked me to see the UK version because he has it on VCD. I was disappointed even if it is the original or the basis of the US version. The Brian counterpart which is Stuart is "fugly" making him totally irritating. The US version has developed characters which people will be able to relate to. I had a hard time watching the UK version. Actually, B gave me the VCD's more than a month ago and I am just on the 7th episode. I am not saying that QAF UK sucks but it's definitely not to my liking.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Got great news from Mischa that Nana is responding positively to the meds.

I remember the last time I saw Nana Chat. She was so happy to see all of us together. She even spoke to me and Lawrence individually. She asked Lawrence the same thing she asked me. She told us that if we would like to marry Mischa, she would outright give her blessings. She told me that Mischa and I would have great looking children if we decided to marry. Of course, she also said the same thing to Lawrence. I wonder why Nana never offered this to Clint or Steve? Anyway, that is a different story.

I also remember how Nana is very particular about what she wears. She was always stylish but never over-dressed. I guess it runs in their family.

I am so looking forward to seeing her. I would love to hear her stories again.


I don't know why but I have this feeling that things are so weird right now. It's already a Tuesday and I haven't felt anything for the past two days. I sometimes look in the mirror and all I can see is a blank expression.

I still daydream once in a while. I would love to be out of reach for at least a couple of days. I wanna be in an island with someone I have been dying to see for the past months. I just wanna stare at the ocean. The sea always brings me tranquility. And during the nights, I would love to look up and observe the stars with my companion.

The only thing to wake me up will be the ocean, the birds, and the cool winds.

Oops. I'm back in the "real" world, I heard the office phone ring. I guess I need a vacation, soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


I came home from a Saturday night out at around 7am the next morning. I feel like I am drained of all my energy.

I was only able to go online now because I just came home an hour ago. I promised B that I would accompany him at Q.

I admire people who look like they have all the energy in the world even if they were up all day & night. I sometimes ask myself how they do it? Do they drink potions?

Right now, I am just checking out some stuff on the net. I guess I'll be sleeping earlier than the usual so that I can rejuvenate my lost energy.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Simply, As Told By Albert

I have been contemplating on making another blog aside from what I already had. I wanted it to be an everyday blog wherein I can write anything I wanna write. It may contain incoherent thoughts and the words might be contradicting, but it is what I would like to say as of that moment.

Memento is where I post my organized thoughts. In other words, this blog will contain my darker side if you can call it that. Definitely, this one will be updated regularly. I can make a post by just typing a word but I don't think I will be doing that though.

To sum it up, this time it's personal.

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