Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I was watching the Correspondents a while ago. One of their segments was about the events that unfolded in the past two weeks. This included the "jueteng" scandal which involves the president's son and brother-in-law and the wire tapping scandal which also includes the "mother of all tapes"(LOL).

There was one part where I felt admiration for Susan Roces(FPJ's widow). For me, it was admirable that she didn't call upon the public to do anything against the current administration. As told by one of their[FPJ & Susan Roces] former employees, Susan Roces is a thinker. She doesn't act on mere impulse and would rather see through the facts before she acts. This, at least for me, is something admirable because she can put up a bigger flame if she chose to.

Separately, Encantada's episode tonight shows that Pirena now knows of Mila's(the true heir) existence. The episode ended with Pirena opening the portal leading to the world of the mortals. Needless to say, I'm excited on what will happen next.

Other updates on Encantadia:

1.) Danaya is still in the world of the mortals. Will she be able to meet Muyak? I hope soon!

2.) Alena visits the camp where Ibarro stays. She showed her powers in the middle of the forest when she used her lovely voice to kill some soldiers of the Hathor attacked her group.

3.) Amihan is filled with mixed emotions(mostly sadness) when she sees Alena and Ibarro kissing. I'm here Izza! Don't be sad! ;-)

More updates soon!


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