Thursday, July 28, 2005


So much has happened in Encantadia since the last time I posted here. Congratulations to the whole team. I love it more and more. With less than 40 episodes to go, I am definitely going to watch this til the very end.

No wonder they never falter in terms of ratings.

Once again, Congratulations to GMA-7 for coming up with this show!

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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Attached is an e-mail message from a friend. I found it interesting to read so I am posting it. Please be warned that the e-mail contains material not suitable for minors. Find below my reply to the e-mail message.

Dear Albert,

I have a confession to make.

It all began when I tempted fate on a Saturday night. All my friends were not available to go out with me so I went to Sin City alone.

I was so nervous when I got out of my house. I knew there was no turning back. While I was waiting for a cab, there were so many things going on inside my head. I was thinking of alternative venues to enjoy this Saturday night but I kept coming back to Sin City and all its glory. So…. Sin City it is.

Upon my arrival, I noticed that there were so many people at Sin City. I guess I noticed everything since I went there alone.

I was tempted to go to the “Alchemy Lounge” but I remembered a promise that I made to my friends that we will visit that place together. So instead of experimenting, I proceeded to the “Sanctuary” instead. I mustered strength not to wander off because I always felt scared to enter the “Sanctuary” alone. Instead of a smooth transition, a group of young guys were in front of me so I had to wait. To make matters worse, they ran out of drink coupons so I had to wait for a very long five minutes. For your info, five minutes waiting in front of the “Sanctuary” feels like a lifetime.

Time-check courtesy of “Timberlake wannabe” tells me that I went in at exactly 12:55am. I was so relieved to see a familiar face when I went to the bar. John a.k.a. Shakey’s waved called my attention as soon as I got my drinks. He told me that he just arrived too. When he asked me if I was alone, I lied. I told him that my friends would be arriving in about an hour. Just in case you are wondering why I had to lie about being alone, the “Sanctuary” is not a very good place when you are alone, at least for me.

Anyways, Shakey’s asked me to go to the dance area at the second floor. When we arrived at the second floor, I picked a spot where I could be seated(this is what I usually do). I usually observe people during my first hour in the “Sanctuary”. I guess I was lucky that I wasn’t officially alone. Comparing this to the last two times I went there, I could safely say that there were so many people during that night.

I immediately spotted someone I was interested in. But before I could act on my desires, Shakey’s told me that my crush was done for the night. I was surprised because it was only around 2am during that time. Shakey’s would leave me once in a while to either go to the comfort room, the bar, or the “backroom”. This gave me the opportunity to look at the people around.

When I got my 4th drink for the night(inclusive of the yucky complimentary drink), it was already around 2:30am. I told Shakey’s that I needed to go to the comfort room to pee. This is where my story begins….

As I went to the comfort room(my 4th drink still cold in my hands), I noticed a cute couple standing just outside the backroom. I can say cute because they were facing the street side where the light was very strong. This was aside from the fact that a lot of the other people were checking them out.

As I went to the cubicle, I felt that someone was at my back. At first, I didn’t look at my back. Instead, I continued to pee until I heard a voice that said “hi there”. When I looked at the direction of the voice, I was surprised to see the couple at my back. As I was about to come out of the cubicle, one of them blocked the main entrance to the comfort room while the other caressed my back. I smiled at first then it became more interesting when the other one started kissing my neck. Thanks to my Hugo Boss Dark Blue®, I felt confident that I didn’t stink. After a few minutes, I noticed that a group was already watching us. The couple asked me if I wanted to go to the “backroom”, I didn’t answer at first thinking that it was surreal. After being asked a second time, I obliged. Who in his right mind would say no to a couple who is not only cute but sexy too.

As soon as we got in, the couple didn’t waste any time and started what their hearts desired. I am not really new to having a threesome but it was only the second time for me to French kiss two people at the same time, it was “hot”. The other one raised my shirt to lick and suck my nipples while the other one unbuttoned my pants. While this was happening, I noticed that much of the attention of the people was on the three of us. I felt a warm, tingling sensation on my d**k. I knew that the one doing it was the one who unbuttoned my pants because the other person was busy licking and sucking my nipples or so it seemed. I thought it was weird when I felt that while someone was busy with my nipples and the other was sucking my d**k, I felt that there was another tongue licking my b**ls. Aside from this, I counted how many hands were on me and it totaled to seven! Not to mention that the cover of the back room was opening since I could see partial light coming in. I kept calm and verified how many people were participating in our so-called “threesome”. After counting, there were three people using their tongues and four people were using their hands. So, I decided to make my hand(my other hand was holding a bottle) enjoy the moment too.

This crazy and HOT group activity was finished after more than 30minutes. The three original players, including me, went outside the “backroom” so we could talk a bit. I saw Shakey’s smiling at me. He asked me what happened and before I could answer, the couple approached us and told me that they were already leaving. I didn’t need to answer Shakey’s anymore because he saw the couple smiling and saying that we should do it again soon.

Shakey’s asked me to go with him to the “backroom” so that we could watch the other people inside. This was the time when “Charles”(Jupiter’s encounter) whispered “I saw what happened to you a while ago! You are naughtier than me!”. Even if it was dark, I felt as if I blushed.

I heard my name inside the “backroom”, I thought that it was one of my friends surprising me but it was not. Since it was dark, I couldn’t identify who it was. Before I could ask him who he was, I felt someone’s hand on my crotch. I thought it was Charles’ friend fooling around so I told him, “I thought it was for real”. He answered, “Is this not for real?” I just smiled because Charles was nearby and Shakey’s was in front of me shocked on what was happening. I soon realized that it wasn’t Charles’ friend and that the experience was for real because Charles left and Shakey’s told me that he and his friend are leaving. Once again, I was left inside the “backroom” with a stranger with my unfinished drink. Again, no time was wasted. Before I could think on what to say, he was already down sucking my d**k. It was during this time when I decided to finish my 4th bottle. As usual, there were other players who joined us in what we were doing.

After that encounter, I decided to just sit down on the couch to rest and continue to watch the other people around me.

Not more than 30mintes later, someone was once again playing with my crotch. I wanted it to stop but I noticed that it was the person I was interested in. This is the person who according to Shakey’s, was done for the night. I once again let the libido take over. It was wild and rough. There were times when I felt that my nipples were being bitten. I also heard him whisper, “Why didn’t you come to me a while ago when I was looking at you?”. I answered honestly and told him that I was informed that he was already finished which was untrue according to him. This made me participate more. After we were done, I knew that my night was over and it was time for me to go, at least this is what I thought. I was informed that it was already 4:35am.

I decided to rest for a while outside the “backroom” this time so that I can escape the worldly things that happen inside. I lit a cig and as I was smoking, a shirtless guy approached me and talked to me. He asked me to come with him inside the backroom to watch. Since he was a major hottie(bald, shirtless, buff), I said yes. While inside, I felt as if I could compare everything that was happening inside to the last two minutes of a basketball game. Everyone was rushing to score.

Someone stopped in front of us(hottie and me), and put his hands over hottie’s crotch. He removed the hands. This happened several times until he said, “please stop it, can’t you see that I am with someone”. I was surprised and I felt as if I was a catch. When I asked him why he didn’t want to do it with the guy, he leaned over and told me that he was interested in someone else. I told him that the “Sanctuary” would be closing soon so he should ask the guy he is interested in and have fun with him while they still have the time. And so he did.

We went into the cubicle(the one with the door). He was really a hottie from head to foot. He was also a GREAT performer. This was the only time that I also “performed”.

Right after the experience with the hottie, I knew that the only thing for me to do was go outside while there was still a crowd inside the bar. Otherwise, I might end up having another experience that might dry me up for life.

I went to the direction of the “Alchemy Lounge” so that I can pass by a convenience store. As I was finishing my cig outside the store, two guys went out and said “hey there tiger”. I was stunned but was able to say “hello”. These were two very handsome guys who I cannot recall. As they walked away from me, I saw one of the guys look back and wink. Time check says that it’s 5:35am(according to the receipt from the convenience store).

Albert, does this night officially make me a man-whore?


Name Withheld


There were other events that I didn’t include to make the story shorter. All of them involved my hands and other people’s hands.

Dear Name Withheld,

Were you in Vegas? Just kidding.
Anyways, as long as you enjoyed and you were safe, I do not see anything wrong with what you did.



After receiving a few e-mail messages regarding the NeoBoard and some complexities involved, I decided to remove it instead of keeping it and giving some of the visitors a hard time leaving a message. I decided to keep the NeoCounter instead.

Speaking of e-mail messages, I will post one that I received from a friend. Watch out for it in a few minutes.

Friday, July 08, 2005


from karylle's website

Kabanata 49: Ang Nalalapit na Pagkikita summary from nythunter of PEx. Kindly notice that the title is different. I was able to record the episode and saw that this is the correct title.

Kabanata 49 is particularly great for those who weren't able to watch the first weeks. Nice flashback scenes. Tonight is another exciting night for Encantadiks!

Photo above is from Karylle's website.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I have gathered info from the Encantadiks Central at PEx and I am so happy that Monday's episode held 40.4% of the viewership. I believe that this is due to the fact that aside from the great cast, the great sets, the cool effects and fighting scenes, the writers are continuosly challenging themselves to make the viewers enjoy it to the max.

Well deserved ratings and congratulations to GMA 7!

Below are the Encantadia episode summaries for the past few days.

Kabanata 46: Di Sadyang Pagkikita

from nythunter of PEx

Kabanata 47: Ang Dalawang Tagapagmana

from nyhunter of PEx

Kabanata 48: Ang Nawawawalang Brilyante

from nyhunter of PEx

Monday, July 04, 2005


About two to three weeks ago, I got my copy of Aimee Mann Live at St. Ann's Warehouse DVD. I really, really love her. She really is a great artist. It's just a pity that it's rare for any of the music stores here to have any of her albums. Thanks to my sister, I have my own copy of the DVD.

The concert DVD has 16 songs and comes with a live CD with 13 songs. I totally enjoyed both. The DVD special feature section includes interviews and behind the scenes. I loved watching her in the interview. It gave me the opportunity to know Aimee Mann a little bit more.

Happy 4th of July!

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Today’s the fourth of july
Another june has gone by
And when they light up our town I just think
What a waste of gunpowder and sky
I’m certain that I am alone
In harbouring thoughts of our home
It’s one of my faults that I can’t quell my past
I ought to have gotten it gone

Oh, baby, I wonder -
If when you are older -
You’ll wake up
And say, ’my god, I should have told her -
What would it take?
But now here I am and the world’s gotten colder
And she’s got the river down which I sold her.’

So that’s today’s memory lane
With all the pathos and pain
Another chapter in a book where the chapters are endless
And they’re always the same
A verse, then a verse, and refrain

Oh, baby, I wonder -
If when you are older -
You’ll wake up
And say, ’my god, I should have told her -
What would it take?
But now here I am and the world’s gotten colder
And she’s got the river down which I sold her.’

Saturday, July 02, 2005


I have been visiting regularly and mildly patricipating in the discussions regarding Encantadia.

I have decided to post the links of the episode summaries instead of making my own since I am a bit biased. Most often than not, I do not write scenes wherein Anchonee appears. Therefore, if you are interested to read the summaries, please click on the links that will be provided for your enjoyment!

Kabanata 44: Ang Pagbabalik ng Tagapagmana

Episode Summary from PinoyEXchange as written by nythunter

Kabanata 45: Cassiopea(yay for the correct spelling!)

Episode Summary from PinoyEXchange as written by nythunter
Enjoy Encantadia!

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