Tuesday, June 14, 2005


At around 6am this morning, I was watching the conference with the jury of the Michael Jackson trial on CNN. Frankly, I was expecting a not guilty decision. Uhm, need I say more?

Hanep! I loved the kick-ass scene between Mila(the real Lira) and Pirena(Sunshine Dizon) on tonight's episode of Encantadia. Go Mila!

Poor Danaya was once again shot by security guards and is now in the hospital but at least she met Muyak and knows that Mila is the real Lira. She's now more angry at Pirena and that makes me excited.

There was another sighting of the Mulawin spirit. Hmmmm, I smell more participation from them soon. That will definitely bring more color to the show.

I really like this show! More again soon!


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